ElcomSoft iOS Forensic Toolkit v6 FULL Vegas torrent download

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Perform physical and logical acquisition of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. File system files, extract device secrets (passwords, encryption keys, and protected data) and decrypt the file system image.


Physical acquisition for 64-bit iOS devices via jailbreak

Logical acquisition extracts backups, error logs, shared media, and files

Unlock iOS devices with synced logs (file lock)

Remove and decrypt the protected locks

Real-time file system acquisition

Automatically disables screen lock for smooth, uninterrupted acquisition

Number of viruses:


  1. ElcomSoft iOS Forensic Toolkit v6 fast-dl x86 x64 Download

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Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) Torrent Download

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This is a scaled down Windows 10 operating system based on Create 1511-10586 (November update or TH2). The minimum system requirements remain, as expected, the same, although this estimated version of Windows is expected to run faster than the original, due to the number of changes made below.

This is the second version, a version that supports 32-bit processors. There is also the first version which is a bit 64 in my profile.


Required configuration

Processor: 1 GHz (GHz) or fast processor with NX / PAE

SSE2 (if it works with Windows 8 it will also work)

RAM: 1 GB for 64 bits (technically only 512 MB is needed)

Hard disk space: 20 GB

Photo card: DirectX 9 or later

Changes and information (mostly, anyway):

-Remove most Metro apps except Edge, Storage and Calculator

– Removed drivers are not very important (such as photos, printers, web)

This must be downloaded manually and installed according to the specifications of the computer

-Access items removed

Speech elimination and Cortana support

Search – Deleted (the search bar in Explorer is still active)

– Windows Media Player removed

-Windows Photo Enable is used instead of the “Photos” metro program, although color images are opened first until the user converts the default software to Windows Photo Viewer.

-Controlled hibernation

Saved page file

-Free courtesy (although in some cases this may appear while using the app and the service was not removed as needed)

-Windows update has not been removed, there is no active warranty yet because you disable it all the time (you still need to enable it to install apps from the repository,)

– Store apps must work in order

-The games in the store no longer work (I didn’t know why). Non-UWP games (e.g. CS: GO) should still work as long as the drivers are updated

  1. Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) download

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Internet Explorer 7 64-Bit Download

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You want it to be easier and safer. Just when you think you will not see another version of Internet Explorer for the next part, Microsoft will come into the world with a new version of its powerful browser software.

It has been a long time in the making so many web users are tired of waiting for Microsoft to update their technology and look elsewhere for Firefox.

Now the king of the great and evil world of browsers cannot see his crown being pulled, but can he do enough to find his shortcomings?

For starters, the newly adjusted interface is definitely an improvement.

Microsoft has basically removed the menu bar and hides all devices and functions in a connected set of icons, placed horizontally at the top of the interface.

Allows you to view pages in the largest viewing area. IE finally decided to help browse the tabs. Includes a new Instant Opening Button, as well as a 40-speed quick button, which opens a thumbnail of all open tabs on the screen, and unlike Firefox, IE 7 has a virtual button on each tab. .

You can even save a group of tabs as your homepage until it all starts at the beginning. We also appreciate that the preview tool, which turns the page according to your 7 documents, has improved the way RSS is integrated. Every time you see a website that supports RSS, an icon in the toolbar will turn the character orange.

Click on it and you will be taken to a page that describes all the feeds on the site. Click to subscribe to this feed link to add it to your favorites.

You can also sign up by clicking the small star icon on the left. However, unlike Firefox, there are no comments about dropping all content in the feed.

The Favorite Center, opened by clicking on the big star icon, is divided into favorites, resources and history.

Security is usually one of the weaknesses of IE behavior.

In addition to the pop-up blocker, version 7 also offers anti-corruption filters. To try it out, we opened a well-known scam website published on Phishtank. Disappointingly, filters are unable to report most of them. Fraud protection may not be the strength of IE 7, but at least the browser includes the SSL 2 security protocol.

0 and 3. 0 and TLS 1. 0, like Firefox.

Although there are improvements, IE is still not perfect. Like Firefox, IE does not pass the Acid2 test and does not shut down even the latest standards.

We find that IE stays up and crawling every time you open a new tab, hardware section and apply new settings. You can add some search bars and plugins from the Microsoft website, but they are still very small compared to the Mozilla Firefox plug-in.

Also, IE 7 is actually limited to those with XP SP2 and for some reason you need to turn off your antivirus and reboot your PC to install it properly (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});

  1. Internet Explorer 7 32/64 Bit download

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The great Wall 2016 FULL download free movie torrent

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  1. The great Wall 2016 download movie torrent

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MediCat Mini Windows 10 NAKED v18.10 – **OFFICIAL** download torrent

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MediCat Mini Windows 10 NAKED – ** OFFICIAL **


Date: 10/19/2018

Size: 1 GB (2,041,839,616 bytes)


SHA-1: 68E0B8A9D4D52D7719EE8FE5842235848A30CE08

MD5: C80BC576C8B619604CCCC9E5DE42D091

CRC32: 8031BFE3


  1. MediCat Mini Windows 10 NAKED v18.10 – **OFFICIAL** Download Torrent

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FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows Torrent

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O Seed4Me VPN Proxy é um aplicativo muito simples que permite configurar uma conexão VPN segura em 20 segundos ou menos.

Navegue na web anonimamente, oculte sua localização, torne os endereços IP geográficos diferentes do original, para que ninguém possa acompanhá-lo. As VPNs para Windows, Android, iPhone iPad também desbloqueiam lugares que geralmente são limitados à sua área de localização atual.

Após download, você só precisa selecionar país da VPN, levará cerca de 5 segundos.

Mais de 19 países para escolher: EUA, Reino Unido, Canadá, França, Rússia, Suíça (relatório de torrent), Suécia (relatório de torrent), Bélgica, Ucrânia, Bulgária, Holanda, Espanha, Alemanha, Itália, Índia, Hong Kong, Cingapura, Israel Coréia do Sul.

Para fazer uma conexão, na qual você não precisa navegar pelas Configurações, basta tocar no botão Conectar, à direita no aplicativo.

A opção Proteção automática (VPN a pedido) está disponível na versão do aplicativo iOS. O VPN on Demand garante que todos os seus dados de entrada / saída em Wi-Fi aberto serão criptografados encaminhados por um canal VPN seguro.

Uma assinatura válida para todos os seus dispositivos, telefones celulares, tablets computadores.

Resumidamente especificações:

– 1 conta para todos os dispositivos: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle

– 19 locais VPN

– Não há anúncios

– VPN grátis por 6 meses durante a campanha com um projeto de licenciamento de software livre.


– IPSec 2048 bits no aplicativo iOS

– OpenVPN para aplicativos MAC Windows

– PPTP / L2TP para configurações manuais em diferentes dispositivos

– Não há logs no nó da VPN, nenhum DPI

– Os registros gerais de conexão são armazenados por 7 dias em um servidor seguro são excluídos se nenhum problema de conexão for relatado

Torrent em P2P:

– Permitido na Suíça na Suécia


– A largura de banda não muda

– conexões simultâneas ilimitadas se você usar aplicativo

– Um pedido se aplica a TODOS os dispositivos

– 1 conexão L2TP / PPTP para configurações manuais, pode ser atualizada para 3 conectadas simultaneamente com base em solicitações de suporte (atualização gratuita)

– A velocidade é ilimitada se você estiver conectado a partir do aplicativo

Apoio, suporte:

– Sistema de tickets, email ou toque no botão de suporte no aplicativo

– Falamos inglês, francês, russo, ucraniano, chinês, árabe

Requisitos de sistema:

– Sistema operacional: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows / Windows 7 / KSP / Vista

– Memória (RAM): 512MB

– Disco rígido: 9,98 MB

Verificação de malware:

Detecção: 0/63 – 100% limpo


SHA256: be3c4ca9eef5b0d980f5d2fedc30866dca017510a3f8dd8a2f18d6a9ad903cad

Título do documento:

Data da análise: 2017-07-06 20:59:04 UTC


Instale divirta-se!

Desenvolvedores de suporte – compre software oficial!

  1. FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows torrent baixar

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Windows 10 X64 19H2 10in1 OEM ESD en-US DEC 2019 {Gen2} Torrent Download


* Windows 10 X64 19H2 10in1 OEM ESD SV-US DEZ 2019

* Version 1909 Build

* Datei:

* Größe: 5,32 GB

* Format: Startfähige ISO

* CRC32: 574335e5

* MD5: 1aab94bc6b2031d7598aba47e6581717

* SHA-1: 92851aa8a23a17bb4d53a229ed46863f8ceff70c

* *

* *

Integriert / vorinstalliert:

* Service Stack Update:

* KB4524569

* Kumulatives Update:

* KB4530684

Kumulatives Update für

* .NET Framework und:

* KB4533002

* Flash Player-Sicherheitsupdate:

* KB4516115

SetupComplete / Post-Install:

* .NET Framework

* Verteidiger-Updates


* Windows 10 Home – – – – STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10 Pro – – – – STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10-Schulung – STD / DLA

* Windows 10 Enterprise – STD / DLA

* STD = Standardinstallation – Für Benutzer mit eigenem Lizenzschlüssel

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* OEM – Wird während der Installation automatisch aktiviert

* gleiche Version auf Erstausrüstung

* UEFI-fähig

* (Verwenden Sie das angeschlossene Rufus USB-Tool, um UEFI bootfähig zu machen.)

* Diagnose- und Wiederherstellungs-Toolset (Microsoft DaRT)

* auf Wiederherstellungsformat komprimiert ()

* Erstellen Sie mit Rufus einen bootfähigen USB-Stick (empfohlen).

* (beigefügt) oder langsam auf DVD-DL brennen.

* WindowsAddict, Authtor für Windows-Aktivierungsskript

* Ich hoffe, Sie werden diese Ausgabe genießen!

* Schöne Grüße,

* Generation2

* Windows 10 X64 mit Update 6in1 OEM ESD pt-BR MAI 2020

* Version 2004 Build

* Datei:

* Größe: 4,57 GB

* Format: Startfähige ISO

* CRC32: 8a2e8ec6

* MD5: a5d0a4cb452e814522653f889366f42f

* SHA-1: 8b6e5dc2485b2f0ec22fd003ac11fe614b79a71c

Integriert / vorinstalliert:

* Kumulatives Update:

* KB4556803

* NET Framework


* Windows 10 Home – STD

* Windows 10 Home – DLA

* Windows 10 Home – OEM

* Windows 10 Pro-STD

* Windows 10 Pro-DLA

* Windows 10 Pro-OEM

* STD = Standardinstallation – Für Benutzer mit eigenem Lizenzschlüssel

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* OEM – Wird während der Installation automatisch aktiviert

* gleiche Version auf Erstausrüstung

* UEFI-fähig

* (Verwenden Sie das angeschlossene Rufus USB-Tool, um UEFI bootfähig zu machen.)

* Diagnose- und Wiederherstellungs-Toolset (Microsoft DaRT)

* auf Wiederherstellungsformat komprimiert ()

* Erstellen Sie mit Rufus einen bootfähigen USB-Stick (empfohlen).

* (beigefügt) oder langsam auf DVD-DL brennen.

* WindowsAddict, Authtor für Windows-Aktivierungsskript

* Ich hoffe, Sie werden diese Ausgabe genießen!

* Schöne Grüße,

* Generation2

  1. Windows 10 X64 19H2 10in1 OEM ESD en-US DEC 2019 {Gen2} Torrent Downloaden

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Independence Day 1996 DVDScr Volledige Film Torrent Downloaden


Aliens kommen an und ihr Ziel ist es, die Erde zu durchdringen und zu zerstören. Die beste Waffe der Menschheit im Kampf gegen die neueste Technologie ist der Wille zum Überleben.
Roland Emmerich Autoren:
Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich Stars:
Will Smith, Bill Pullman und Jeff Goldblum Am 2. Juli werden Kommunikationssysteme auf der ganzen Welt aufgrund einer seltsamen atmosphärischen Störung im Chaos sein. Das Militär erfährt schnell, dass einige massive Objekte auf dem Weg sind, mit der Erde zu kollidieren. Ursprünglich als Meteore gedacht, wird es später als riesige Raumschiffe bezeichnet, die von einer mysteriösen außerirdischen Spezies gesteuert werden. Nachdem Versuche, mit den Außerirdischen zu kommunizieren, gescheitert sind, entdeckt David Levinson, ein ehemaliger Wissenschaftler, der einen Kabelingenieur kontaktiert hat, dass die Außerirdischen an einem Tag wichtige Punkte auf der ganzen Welt angreifen werden. Am 3. Juli zerstören Außerirdische New York, Los Angeles und Washington sowie Paris, London, Houston und Moskau. Die Überlebenden marschierten in Konvois in das Gebiet 51, ein ungewöhnliches Ausbildungsgebiet der Regierung, in dem das Militär ein eigenes erbeutetes außerirdisches Schiff haben soll. Die Überlebenden planen, sich an der außerirdischen Sklaverei zu rächen, und am 4. Juli wird die Menschheit für ihre Freiheit kämpfen. Der 4. Juli ist sie …

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Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 – Windows 10 Download

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Tutorial Vdeo:

Fazer and ligao Tudo em 1) – Vilcom Estdio E2 + Vdeos de Instalao + Ativao Embroideri.


From the software program of the genus QUALCUR, Phaser made Windows, including the new Windows 10.

PS: From the Usurio PODE selection to the normal Instalao menu (11:31), Caso uses MESMO.

Embroidery Vilcom Estdio E2!

————————————————- – —————————

Video tutorial:

All together) – Vilcom E2 Embroidery Studio + Video Installation + Activation.

15,00 USD – More information:

The program works on any version of Windows, even on the new Windows 10.

PS: The user can select Workflow (11:31) usually in the installation if you use it.

Embroidery studio Vilcom E2!

  1. Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 – Windows 10 torrent download

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Windows 10 PE Redstone 5 torrent

Torrenti indir

Gandalf Windows 10 PE x64 – Ciltli 1809 – Oluşturma 17763 (Redstone 5 | 1 Eylül 2019) __

, – ~ ^ ^ – – _,

//; ^, /

// //

// //

// //

/, -: ” -, _ / / /

_, .- ^^

/ ^ / /: / …….. ;;

/ / / / / / /

// //

// //


^^: ^ (FARE)

Windows 10 PE x64, Gandalf – Vigumu 1809 – Jenga 17763 (Redstone 5 | 1 Eylül 2019)

  1. Windows 10 PE Redstone 5 Torrent Indir

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